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Our Mission
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We care deeply about ending distracted driving,

a theme that has personally touched our lives

Our Mission

Our mission is to put a serious dent in distracted driving by rewarding individuals who choose not to use their phones while driving

Ten people die every single day from distracted driving. As far as we're concerned, that's ten people too many

By rewarding drivers who choose not to drive distracted, we're making the 1.5 million accidents, 500,000 injuries and 3,600 deaths annually a thing of the past

Why We Care?

Our team is comprised of parents, students, teachers, technologists, marketing experts and problem solvers. But most of all, we're just people who care about the safety and well-being of those around us

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Our Story

We're entrepreneurs and creators at heart and when we see a problem of this growing magnitude, we're naturally inclined to do something about it

In fact, one of the many reasons why we founded TASL was because our Founder was nearly killed by a distracted driver. As an avid cyclist and triathlete, Ryan was cycling when a distracted driver ran a red light. Ryan swerved to avoid a direct collision and ended up with multiple fractures from his impact with the ground while the driver drove off, probably not even knowing what had transpired

Ryan Frankel


Serial entrepreneur, cereal connoisseur, Ironman triathlete, Inc. Magazine 35 Under 35, Golden Retriever lover, cookie monster and new Dad


We all have the power to be a superhero each time we get behind the wheel and choose to drive undistracted. Join us on our mission to make the world a safer place

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