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Reduce liability across your portfolio, leverage TASL to engage

and reward your customers and acquire new customers more effectively

Reduce Portfolio Liability

Offer TASL to your customers to reduce distracted driving-related liability. Reward those who drive safely with TASL

Reward and Engage your Customers

Reward customers who drive undistracted and engage with your customers in a non-transaction manner across the customer journey

Bring TASL to your Company!

Acquire New Customers with TASL

Expose your business to TASL customers or leverage the TASL offering to differentiate your brand from others

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Obtain a TASL employee ID

You'll receive a unique ID for your company which can be used to create customized challenges and issue unique rewards for individuals or teams who rack up the most number of TASL Points!

Redeem Rewards
and Save Lives

Host customized corporate challenges, compete with other employers or simply champion safe driving. Invest in the health and safety of employees by advocating for undistracted driving

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Companies Benefit from TASL