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The Consequences
Of Distracted Driving Are Severe

Every year distracted driving in the U.S. causes:

2 million






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is making distracted driving a habit of the past

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In fact

young drivers represent
a disproportionate percentage
of distracted driving-related fatalities

Instilling Safe Driving Habits

This App Saves Lives' rewards-based solution supports and promotes early and lasting safe driving habits amongst today's younger drivers

Protecting and Rewarding Young Drivers

Sadly, young drivers are most likely to text while driving. TASL's rewards-based approach enables drivers to now earn free rewards simply for driving undistracted

What is TASL's Parent Portal

Reward and encourage positive driving behavior

Set unique rewards or goals specific to your child and then monitor their performance towards those objectives

Keep track of your child's progress

Sign-up for TASL's Parent Portal where you can monitor and reward your child's safe driving behavior

Be a force for change

Protect your family and be part of a global community of drivers committed to making the roads safer for us all

How the Parent Portal Works


for the Portal


your child


Track progress


Reward your child
for safe driving

About TASL

This App Saves Lives (TASL) is a free mobile app that rewards drivers who choose not to drive distracted. Drivers earn rewards points for not engaging with their phone in a distracting manner and those points are redeemable for amazing rewards provided by brands around the country.

Drive Safe. Earn Rewards. Save Lives.

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Why We Care

Our Founder was injured and nearly killed while cycling by a driver who ran a red light sending a text message. Our team is comprised of technologists, students, parents and business leaders who are fundamentally motivated to make the 2 million distracted driving-related accidents a thing of the past. And we leverage the motivation that comes from rewards and the opportunity to make a difference in the world to create lasting change

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As a father to 3 kids, my wife and I are constantly on the go for sports, school, birthday parties you name it. Being able to compare driving stats with one another, we’ve been able to make a friendly competition among our family and friends! The best prize of all has been the continued safety out on the roads for my family and our friends & family.

Dustin G.


How could I pass up an opportunity to earn rewards while simply driving to and from work? It’s a no brainer! AND I’m helping save lives. Downloading TASL is a must!

Luke McCallion

Social Media Manager, Bad Rhino Inc.


The ability to earn rewards on my own time all while taking a stand against an important societal issue is an incredible opportunity for me as a college student!

Liam Derbyshire

Student, Penn State University

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