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TASL is Student-

We're proud to partner with high schools and colleges

to promote safe driving amongst today's youth!

Savings Lives
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Promote Safe Driving Amongst Students

Ten people die daily from distracted drivingand today's youth represent the highest proportion of those fatalities. Be a force for change and bring TASL to your community.

Become a TASL School Partner

Rally the Community!

Host a school-wide challenge with customized rewards for achieving safe driving milestones or simply encourage students and their families to embrace TASL.

Bring TASL to your School!

Save Lives While Having Fun!

Partnering with TASL is a great way to rally the community around a common goal. Let's make the world safer while earning great rewards and having fun along the way!

How it Works:

Empower your students to save lives while having fun along the way!

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Tell us more about your school so that we can bring TASL to your community.

Rally the Community

Students at your school will receivea unique ID, facilitating the issuanceof TASL Safe Driving Points to the entire student-body for their safe driving performance.

Students Save Lives While
Earning Great Rewards!

Host customized challenges with school-specific rewards, compete against other schools or simply champion safe driving. Either way, students will earn great rewards while making the world a safer place.


Our student’s safety both inside and outside of school is our highest priority. I stand behind TASL’s mission in keeping our students safe.

Anthony Grazel


FINALLY! TASL offers a REAL solution to curb this destructive behavior.

Ryan Grabias


What a genius idea! Earning free rewards for driving undistracted, that’s simply awesome.

Ed Brocklesby


How could I pass up an opportunity to earn rewards while simply driving to and from work? It’s a no brainer! AND I’m helping save lives. Downloading TASL is a must!

Luke McCallion

Social Media Manager, Bad Rhino Inc.

The ability to earn rewards on my own time all while taking a stand against an important societal issue is an incredible opportunity for me as a college student!

Liam Derbyshire

Student, Penn State University

This App Saves Lives and saves you money! Why wouldn't you download it?

Anthony Lawson

Haverford High School Student

Carpooling home from games and practices makes it 10x more fun when you know your safe and earning points!

Jules MacLaughlin

Haverford High School Student

I can’t wait to rack up points and redeem them for awesome rewards.

Colleen McCullough

Haverford High School Student

Earning free rewards and saving lives, does it get any better?

Olivia Thompson

Haverford High School Student

Everyday I drive to work and see people texting and driving. I can’t wait until This App Saves Lives is available to reward drivers to put down their phones!

Tony Miglionico

Teacher, Haverford School District

Our School Partners

We're proud to partner with an amazing number of high schools and colleges to deliver exceptional rewards to drivers who choose to drive undistracted.

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to Your School?

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